lets stay together

while al green was booming through my stereo i stopped myself. I thought. And than i wrote this blog. Al's most famous song Lets Stay Together may seem to good to be true for a love song. But when i got to thinking of it, as well as 8 Days A Week, Skinny Love, and all the other songs in this saturated music world, Lets Stay Together is an idea. An extension of what one knows is right, what one knows love should be like. At least in this case its naturally for us to want to follow this idea with all our hearts and make it instead of a far off dream, a reality.

that was just a thought i had in the last few minutes so if it looks like it was just thrown together, it was. i dont know if you have had a feeling in you that there was something much bigger than you, or a moment where your surroundings simply disappear and your just existing. your existing but then a feeling comes over you and its a feeling of complete and utter peace. its God's grace. in ephesians 1:2 it says "may grace and peace be yours, sent to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord." in the hebrew grace and peace are greetings. the important thing about grace and peace being greetings is that grace, was a greeting used by gentiles, while the jews used peace. its an important note because paul is reaching out to all in this letter. God's grace is a greeting, a knock on the door, a good morning when you enter the local coffee shop. but its humanity, and our skewed ways that often times place hurdles and obstacles in our path to the Father without even realizing it. thats not to say that God isn't powerfully enough to break through, its, if viewed from the right prospective, a gift. besides of course the all-encompassing death of our saviour and lord Jesus Christ, God gave us many other gifts. and one of those gifts is free will. God doesn't interfere in our lives upon the daily because of the fact that God have us free will. i guess in a way all of God's gifts are double-edged swords. you can at least attempt to align your life with God's will, or selfishly follow your wants and desires. you can accept God and experience the products throughout life, or ignore it with obvious consequences. and its here where it all comes together

Revelation 3:20 i stand at the door and knock, if you hear me calling and open the door, i will come in, and we will shard a meal as friends.


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