holy rattlesnakes around your feet...

well today was yet another succesful day of accomplishing nothing. Okay well what i mean is that is what it felt like. for me at least when one reflects on their day they see these 'empty' events that really have no significance whatsoever when it comes down to the big picture, life the universe and everything, stuff like that. But i'll just let you know i think that everything is apart of this bigger picture. every bit of your life is important somehow. when it comes down to it, everything happens for a reason. what's the reason for me writing this blog every now and then? well personally because i believe i can tell people what im thinking, or influence people to do whatever, etc. but there's things, seemingly miniscule things that might seem to have no point whatsoever. but wait, do we really know everything. obviously not. we struggle with proving just about everything, and naturally humans need for physically and knowable facts in order to believe. but everyday we live in faith, in some sort of another, whether or not you apply yourself to religion. you have put faith in just about everything you do, and most the times you have little to no actually knowledge about what you are doing or why you are doing *this is everyone* when i went to bed last night and since i have been going to bed for the last 17 years i have some faith that the bed i lay upon will support me and give me comfort. i have a blind faith in every resturant i have ever gone to. i have faith that they wont give me some harmful bacteria laced food. i have faith that toyota will build quality cars so i wont fall through the bottom, or that the engine wont combust while driving. the list goes on. we have become adapted to our everyday blessings, to our everyday routine and have developed a sort of blind faith that it will continue as plan. so what i struggle with is how a unblind faith, a faith that makes itself evident as the wind among the trees, is so unattractive to a society where blind faith is the norm. : )


lets stay together

while al green was booming through my stereo i stopped myself. I thought. And than i wrote this blog. Al's most famous song Lets Stay Together may seem to good to be true for a love song. But when i got to thinking of it, as well as 8 Days A Week, Skinny Love, and all the other songs in this saturated music world, Lets Stay Together is an idea. An extension of what one knows is right, what one knows love should be like. At least in this case its naturally for us to want to follow this idea with all our hearts and make it instead of a far off dream, a reality.

that was just a thought i had in the last few minutes so if it looks like it was just thrown together, it was. i dont know if you have had a feeling in you that there was something much bigger than you, or a moment where your surroundings simply disappear and your just existing. your existing but then a feeling comes over you and its a feeling of complete and utter peace. its God's grace. in ephesians 1:2 it says "may grace and peace be yours, sent to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord." in the hebrew grace and peace are greetings. the important thing about grace and peace being greetings is that grace, was a greeting used by gentiles, while the jews used peace. its an important note because paul is reaching out to all in this letter. God's grace is a greeting, a knock on the door, a good morning when you enter the local coffee shop. but its humanity, and our skewed ways that often times place hurdles and obstacles in our path to the Father without even realizing it. thats not to say that God isn't powerfully enough to break through, its, if viewed from the right prospective, a gift. besides of course the all-encompassing death of our saviour and lord Jesus Christ, God gave us many other gifts. and one of those gifts is free will. God doesn't interfere in our lives upon the daily because of the fact that God have us free will. i guess in a way all of God's gifts are double-edged swords. you can at least attempt to align your life with God's will, or selfishly follow your wants and desires. you can accept God and experience the products throughout life, or ignore it with obvious consequences. and its here where it all comes together

Revelation 3:20 i stand at the door and knock, if you hear me calling and open the door, i will come in, and we will shard a meal as friends.



in the aeroplane over the sea

if there was ever an album that defined the spitrual vibes that are ebbing and flowing out of every aspect of my personality, its "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea," by Neutral Milk Hotel. I'll be completely honest, i dont know whether or not the album is musical grounding breaking in the history of music but regardless there is feeling one gets when you listen to the painful truth of Jeff Magnums lyrics; i imagine this feeling being very similar to the one that a great inventor such as Thomas Edison, might have felt when he came upon the design of the worlds first light blub with great success. Its a revalation, its a challenging prose that makes you think of things we consistently overlook.

Well now that the pretentious indie freak that makes its home within a distant corner of my mind has had his say, lets talk. Whether or not you find yourself a very depressing individual there is something for everyone in this world that really turns them on. I've found my turn on and its this wonderful little place called Bushnell, Illinois or cornerstone music festival. I first attended cornerstone music festival in the summer of 2007 and i fell in love with the place. Throughout the midwest the are hundreds of music oriented festivals. However, i dont think there is a single other festival that can match the attitude and love one gets from the other people who attend. When you first start walking through the festival grounds you encounter 20,000 new faces, some you might never see again. But if you find yourself talking to a new face whether with a up of thai coffee at the gallery stage or in the flaring arms and legs of the pit, there is a concious effort for that person to show you love and caring. For me the most outstanding example i saw was at the August Burns Red show at cornerstone in 2007. ABR's set and off-stage surroundings were very much equal to that of an every other hardcore/metal band. The screaming vocals and blast beats of the double bass rand loud throughout the tent as the audience, or at the least the select few annoyting hXc kids, picked up the change, picked up the change, and spun their windmills as if a tornado was about to touch down. however there was one dramatic differene. I had attended an ABR show in my home town just a few months early that was basically the same as i have previously described. However there was a complete lack of caring for the welfare of the people that surrounded them. They didnt give a hoot if their furious windmill came round smack dab on the back of someones head, or the roundhouse kick that was a sign of masculinity hit smackdown on the side of another persons face. But cornerstone was different. If the pit got a bit wild or if an accident occured there was an immediate care for the individual or group in concern.

Another outstanding aspect of the cornerstone music festival scene is the fact that cornerstone music festival is much more than just another music festival. The director of cornerstone invites leaders from the social activists, film industry, art industry, as well as acting companies to provide a genuine mixture of all things that make the chrisitian culture unique. and dont get me started on the thai coffee. your local coffee shop serves up some joe, or chai coffee, but at cornerstone they take a unique balance of freshly brewed coffee, thai spices, and heavy cream on the rocks to deliver their customers an addictive sweet and orignal drink. i kinda of over did that sentance a bit but it had to be done.

my first blog, woo! i often times write in a notebook, which i will try and update on to the electronic version as much as possible. im out